Pricing / Ordering

Pricing Policy

As you are aware pricing is determined by the overall dimensions of a unit, the fabric selected and mode of operation. We have attempted to cover the most common items and usual sizes for all of the products we sell. In determining which size grid cell is utilized in pricing a unit the smallest size in the price book is the minimum cost of that unit. When a unit falls in between the length or width increments listed in this price book, if it is less than half way to the next higher increment, we will round down. Conversely, when a unit reaches the mid point or higher between price cells, abc will round up to determine the pricing for the unit. There is an additional charge for split or coupled units to cover the additional labor and materials to construct them. If your unit falls outside of our pricing grid, call for pricing and availability or alternate solutions.

The cost breakdown of all orders will be displayed on your confirmation, which will be faxed back to you prior to initiation of production. Should you wish to discuss any item or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Order Processing

Due to the custom nature of the products that we make, we can not accept verbal orders. All orders placed with abc Sun Control, LLC are required to be in writing and we recommend that you complete your orders on a standard abc order form for faster processing.

Once we receive an order we will review the information for completeness and transfer the information that you have provided to us onto a work order form containing all unit sizes, fabric specification and operational controls. Should questions arise during this process or if you have not specified something, we will call to get clarification. A copy of the completed work order will be faxed back within one business day confirming the order that you have placed and giving you a projected shipping date. It is your responsibility to review this information thoroughly to confirm that it meets your specifications. It is recommended that you fax back to abc a signed copy of your confirmation within a day of receipt indicating changes if any. Should you not receive a confirmation within two days of you placing an order you should call abc to confirm that we received the original order and request a re-faxing of the confirmation. Since all of our products are made to your specifications it is important that you notify us promptly of any changes that you become aware of to avoid being charged alterations to your order. Once we have made a product as you have specified, it has little value as the probability of that product meeting someone else’s specifications is remote. Therefore you are responsible for any products that we have made for you and for the cost of any modifications that result from specification changes once materials have been cut less the cost for reusable components such as motors, switches, arms, etc. All changes will be billed on a time and materials basis with a labor charge of $75 per hour.