Pricing Policy

As you are aware pricing is determined by the overall dimensions of a unit, the fabric selected and mode of operation. We have attempted to cover the most common items and usual sizes for all of the products we sell. In determining which size grid cell is utilized in pricing a unit the smallest size in the price book is the minimum cost of that unit. When a unit falls in between the length or width increments listed in this price book, if it is less than half way to the next higher increment, we will round down. Conversely, when a unit reaches the mid point or higher between price cells, abc will round up to determine the pricing for the unit. There is an additional charge for split or coupled units to cover the additional labor and materials to construct them. If your unit falls outside of our pricing grid, call for pricing and availability or alternate solutions.

The cost breakdown of all orders will be displayed on your confirmation, which will be faxed back to you prior to initiation of production. Should you wish to discuss any item or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Order Processing

Due to the custom nature of the products that we make, we can not accept verbal orders. All orders placed with abc Sun Control, LLC are required to be in writing and we recommend that you complete your orders on a standard abc order form for faster processing.

Once we receive an order we will review the information for completeness and transfer the information that you have provided to us onto a work order form containing all unit sizes, fabric specification and operational controls. Should questions arise during this process or if you have not specified something, we will call to get clarification. A copy of the completed work order will be faxed back within one business day confirming the order that you have placed and giving you a projected shipping date. It is your responsibility to review this information thoroughly to confirm that it meets your specifications. It is recommended that you fax back to abc a signed copy of your confirmation within a day of receipt indicating changes if any. Should you not receive a confirmation within two days of you placing an order you should call abc to confirm that we received the original order and request a re-faxing of the confirmation. Since all of our products are made to your specifications it is important that you notify us promptly of any changes that you become aware of to avoid being charged alterations to your order. Once we have made a product as you have specified, it has little value as the probability of that product meeting someone else’s specifications is remote. Therefore you are responsible for any products that we have made for you and for the cost of any modifications that result from specification changes once materials have been cut less the cost for reusable components such as motors, switches, arms, etc. All changes will be billed on a time and materials basis with a labor charge of $75 per hour.

Credit Terms

Credit terms are available to Dealers and Distributors wishing to make recurring purchases on accountant who have established and maintained credit worthiness that is satisfactory to the company. After acceptance of your completed Credit Application which includes a personal guarantee, abc Sun Control will contact you to establish specific terms. Account purchasing will then be made available after your first “prepaid’ order has been processed and shipped. Always call abc should you have questions regarding your account and your credit standing. A 3% processing fee will be added to VISA and Master card payments.

One Time and First-time Purchases

One-time and First-time purchases will be processed only after full payment has been received. We accept VISA, Mastercard, checks and money orders. A 3% transaction fee will be added to all payments processed using VISA and Mastercard.


All prices are FOB at our facility. Unless specified otherwise we will ship your large product via our preferred carrier which is currently FedEx Freight for large items and UPS for smaller items. It is in your best interest to set up an account with FedEx Freight to avoid COD freight charges. This can be done by contacting the FedEx freight terminal in your area. We will be pleased to assist you with this process should you have any questions. For items shipped via UPS, the freight charges will be added to your bill.

Note: freight carriers charge a residential delivery fee of $50-$75 each time a delivery or pick up is made to a non-commercial location. UPS charges an additional $6.00 for residential service. You can avoid these charges by picking up your products from the carrier’s terminal. Please inform us if you wish to have your merchandise held at “will call” at the freight terminal for pick up.

In order to minimize your freight costs abc will always attempt to consolidate your orders and ship them together unless your needs will not permit us to do this.

It is your responsibility to inspect all shipments when they arrive and note any freight damage with the driver delivering your shipment. It is additionally your responsibility to file any damage claims with the carrier.

Limited Warranty

abc Sun Control, LLC warrants that all products are made from the finest materials available and will be free of defects and shall will carry with them the following warranty. This warranty covers only materials and specifically excludes the cost of removal of the defective item and installation of the replacement.

The warranty provided is as follows:

  • Awnings and Sun Screen Hardware: 10 years
  • Awning and Screen Fabrics: 5 years*
  • Lateral Arms and Gears: 5 years**
  • Awning and Sun Screen Motors: 5 years**
  • Electronic Accessories: 5 years**
  • All Stobag Hardware: 10 years

*Damage to awning fabrics caused by center supports is not covered. Intermediate connections with split fabrics are recommended to overcome fabric issues associated with center supports.

**Lateral Arm, Motor and Electronic Accessories warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the equipment and not by abc Sun Control. As such their determination of warranty applicability on defective items is final. abc will provide dealers with replacement parts and return defective items to the manufacturer for final determination of warranty coverage. Should the item be found not to be covered by the manufacturer due to negligent use or improper installation the dealer will be responsible for the cost of replacement parts. Electronic accessories purchased prior to 2005 carry a one year warranty from date of purchase.

Retractable awnings and sun screens are designed to provide shade only. They must be retracted under extreme climate conditions, such as heavy rain, hail and strong winds. Warranties are null and void if the awnings and screens are left extended under these conditions. In such conditions, the brackets, arms and other parts could fail and serious injury could result from falling debris.

Damage due to defects attributed to transportation, improper handling, installation, chemical or abrasive attack arising from unsuitable cleaning, atmospheric pollution, salt water and falling objects, external forces, explosions, fire, riots, civil commotions and acts of God are not covered under this Warranty.

If fading or discoloration is suspected please check for simple cleaning prior to requesting replacement under this warranty. The company reserves the right to furnish a substitute or replacement product or component in the event that product or component in the event that a product or component of a product is discontinued or otherwise not available.

We reserve the right to furnish a substitute or replacement product or component in the event that a product or component of a product has been discontinued or no longer available.

Warranties apply only to products that were sold to an abc dealer and is installed under their supervision.

Warranties are not transferable from the original owner to subsequent owners.

Repair or replacement of a product or component will not extend the original warranty period.

Warranty covers only products sold by abc and is limited solely to the products. All labor associated with the installation, removal and re-installation is specifically excluded.

We will only accept returned items under the following conditions:

  1. Call abc Sun Control, LLC customer service and explain what it is that you want to return, why you want to return it, provide the original order #, and discuss with us what you would like us to do. We will discuss the situation with you and provide you with a likely outcome of what we will do, based on the information you have provided to us. Please include abc Sun Control’s order number or invoice number.
  2. If we both agree, we will issue Return Authorization #.
  3. Returns are only authorized and valid for a 30 day period. Returned items must be received by abc within this period to be accepted.
  4. Carefully pack item(s) for shipment. We do not assume liability for damage due to inadequate packing or handling in transit. You may wish to insure the items to protect yourself from this risk.
  5. In returning items, please note that electronic controls that were sent as complete kits must be returned as complete kits. Additionally, for motors, remove crown and drive adapters, brackets and assure that an uncut motor cable is on the motor; to avoid being charged for a replacement cable.
  6. Clearly mark the Return Authorization # on the outside of the package.
  7. Ship all return items freight prepaid via your preferred carrier. Do not ship items freight collect as such shipments will not be accepted by abc.
  8. Once received at abc, we will inspect the returned items and discuss our findings and proposed resolution based on what we find.