Stobag Targa Plus

Motorized Conservative Awning

The Targa models are suitable for larger, complex glass roofi ng and substructures. The exterior awning protects against the sun and heat and generates a pleasant indoor climate – with excellent visual characteristics.

The guide rails can be moved inwards and can thus shade even specially shaped or inclined conservatories.

The Targa-Plus PS6100 model is also available with the patented “Plus Technology” telescopic guide rails. This allows the cloth surface to extend up to a maximum of 55 inches beyond the conservatory roof line.

Depending to the width and projection of the installation, additional cross profi les and/or a third guide rail maintain the required distance between fabric and glass.

Even with a small roof inclination, the patented filled cylinders mechanism ensures perfect tensioning of the cover.

The standard electric drive provides high levels of convenience such as automatic end stop or parallel connection.

It can also be equipped with various control systems.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
33 to 236 inches (2’9“ to 19’8”) with 2 guided rails
33 to 276 inches (2’9“ to 23’) with 3 guided rails
Larger Units available, call to discuss fabrication and pricing.

83 to 236 inches (6’11“ to 19’8”) with 2 guided rails
83 to 276 inches (6’11“ to 23’) with 3 guided rails

Roller Tube:
78 mm, Slotted, Extruded Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Colors:


Technical Details

Track Bracket