Stobag Arcada

Oblique and Vertical Awning

The Arcada is especially designed for combined shading of roof and vertical areas of glass annexes and conservatories. This installation not only protects against the sun and glare, but also against prying eyes.

The lightweight guide rails can be adjusted with one or more bends to any angle up to 90° with no technical or aesthetic problems.

This makes the Arcada very suitable for special substructures such as patios or dormer windows.

The proven gas filled cylinders in the front rail assure constant fabric tensioning – in any position.

The Arcada-Plus model is used for larger conservatories or free- standing constructions.

Additional controls, such as sun, wind or rain sensors, available as options, complement the standard electric drive with convenient automatic functions.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
33 to 197 inches (2’9“ to 16’5”)
Larger Units available, call to discuss fabrication and pricing.

59 to 197 inches (4’11“ to 16’5”)

Roller Tube:
78 mm, Slotted, Extruded
Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Colors:


Technical Details

Track Bracket

Track Bracket