SecureZip Motorized

Interior or Exterior

The SecureZip system represents the finest zipper system in the world, providing a screen that is wind resistant and at the same time insect proof. The unique slithering system keeps the fabric always in perfect position. The screen can be equipped with either screen fabric or blackout fabric. The SecureZip system keeps the sun, warmth and insects outside of the house. They are easy to install on every window or façade.

This product has been skillfully designed and engineered by the European Bruster Company who have incorporated many refinements from the original zipper systems to produce what we believe is the finest zipper system in the world. The system features 2 piece extruded box and tracks. All hardware is protected in rugged polyester based powder coating finish.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
36 to 168 inches (3’ to 14’)
Larger Units available, call to discuss fabrication and pricing.

36 to 120 inches (3’ to 10’)

Roller Tube:
78 mm steel slot tube.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Colors: