Select Stoboscope

Telescopic Arm Motor Operated Awing System

The Select Stobag is a compact awning with telescopic arms and hidden triangular mounting bar that is especially suitable for patios and catering sites. This awning can be installed with wall or top fixing, and the arm brackets are equipped with an integrated arm safety mechanism. The patented Stoboscope arms give this elegant awning a special appearance and ensure constant high tensioning of the cover at every extension. Four telescopic arms can be used even with relatively narrow widths. The awning allows angle adjustment with an adjusting screw on the arm bracket.

Motor driven only.
Supplied only with cover.
Incline from horizontal up to 60°

When retracted, the optional hood and the front rail give the awning an elegant appearance and protect against the weather. A special spring mechanism provides the perfect finish to the front rail and hood.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
96 to 480 inches (8’ to 40’)
Larger Units available, call to discuss fabrication and pricing.

78 to 138 inches (6’6” to 11’6”)

Roller Tube:
78 mm, Slotted, Extruded Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Color:


Technical Details

Stobag Standard Wall Bracket

Front rail S894 with motor powerFlex