Stobag Ombramobile

Mobile Awnings

The Ombramobil is a free-standing double awning which provides a very large area of shade and also protects against rain.

As there are no middle posts to get in the way, the space under the awning can be used to the best effect.

The Ombramobil is very versatile and can be used for catering establishments or private use, as well as for play schools, market stalls or outdoor festivities. As the name implies, this awning is mobile and construction and disassembling take only a very short time.

The stable folding arms with double cables roll out both sides simultaneously. The two-leg version is available with cross feet or with fl oor sleeves to be set in concrete. The four leg version with V-legs is especially suitable for uneven ground such as lawns or gravel. Both versions can be screwed into the ground.

Fabric and folding arms are well protected in the box, so the Ombramobil can be left outside over the winter.

Manual operation with gear and crank. Motor drive is available as an option.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
124, 148, 171, 195, 219 inches (10’4”, 12‘4“, 14’3”, 16‘3“, 18’3”)

102 inches (8‘6“)

118, 138, 157, 177 inches (9’10”, 11’6”, 13’, 14’9”)

Roller Tube:
70 & 78 mm extruded aluminum slot tube of 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Colors: