Stobag Metro-Light

Window Awnings

The Metro-Light is an awning for facades developed according to the latest architectural requirements for private homes, offices and commercial buildings.

Optimum harmonisation between daylight and shade is assured by the continuously adjustable projection angle from 0 ° to 180 °. Aesthetic details such as the elegant protection box or the slim guide rail profiles make the Metro-Light into a design element on modern facades. The tensioned projection arms are protected against wind in any position and are automatically locked at the maximum projection angle.

There are also two methods of operation for the Metro-Light: gear with crank or several types of electric motors as options Weather automation and control systems provide additional convenience.

Product Coverage:

Horizontal Widths:
16 to 98 inches (1’4” to 8’2“) with 30mm Tube
16 to 157 inches (1‘4” to 13’) with 40mm Tube

45 to 138 inches (3’ 9” to 11’6”)
Larger Units available, call to discuss
fabrication and pricing.

Length of Projection Arms:
18 inches (1’6”)

Roller Tube:
78 mm, Slotted, Extruded
Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish.

Mode of Operation:

Tubular Motor

Hardware Colors:


Technical Details