Atlanta, Minisol Awning and Minisol Vertical Drop

Retractable Pull Tape Operated Awning for Small Windows (max. 12' width)

The Atlanta and Minisol drop arm window awnings utilize the same spring loaded arm components, 43 mm roller tubes, front bar and standard tape operating systems. The Atlanta incorporates an attractive extruded aluminum hood to protect the fabric and provide a more finished appearance. These low cost versatile units provide attractive accents to windows and can be extended (opened) to within 15 degrees of vertical to provide maximum privacy and shading.

The Minisol Vertical Drop is a drop awning utilizing the same components as the Minisol awning above without the arms.

Hardware for these awnings is available in three standard colors: White, Sand and Bronze. Standard operation of the three systems is a pull tape which can be operated from the interior or exterior surface of the wall. At additional cost, optional crank and motorization operation is available.

The above products come standard with acrylic awning fabrics. These units can be covered with optional screen fabrics available at additional cost.

Product Coverage:

Atlanta & Minisol

Horizontal Widths: 18 to 144 inches
Projections: 18 to 40 inches

Minisol Vertical Drop

Horizontal Widths: 18 to 144 inches
Projections: 18 to 120 inches

Roller Tube:
43 mm pull tape and crank operated units and 51 mm motorized units extruded aluminum slot tube of 6061-T6 alloy, mill finish

Mode of Operation:

Pull Tape or Tubular Motor
Maximum projection for motorized Atlanta is 31”

Hardware Colors: