Our awnings at abc Sun Control, LLC allows you to create living space out of your balcony or patio; in the open air. All abc awnings are quality constructed from the highest quality components available assembled to meet your customer’s exact specifications not some off the shelf mass produced product from China that you may be familiar with. This allows you to meet your customer’s exact requirements in terms of width, projection, frame color, choice of over 500 fabrics and mode of operation and control. All of our awnings are truly hand crafted by skilled craftsmen and are custom built at time of order.

Awnings manufactured by abc Sun Control, LLC are carefully hand crafted from the finest materials and represent the ultimate in retractable shading structures. All components and materials utilized in the manufacturing of abc awnings come from American and European suppliers that are internationally recognized for the their engineering and quality of the products that they produce. All major awning parts are made of high strength extruded aluminum that is finished with long lasting and environmentally friendly polyester based powder coat finish that is baked on the material. All fasteners, pins and chain are stainless steel assuring your awning will provide you with many years of trouble free service.


All awning covers are made with 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric that strong light weight and color fast. Acrylic fabrics are impervious to rot, resistant to all environmental influences and is insensitive to heat and cold. The fabrics are coated with a water-repellent layer that produces a cover that is quick drying and easily cared for.

All seams and hems are sewn with PTFE thread that is impervious to solar degradation and not with inexpensive polyester threads that is utilized in the construction of most awnings. Our seams will remain strong and not come apart with the passage of time.

Care of fabric

Dirt as a result of impurities in the air can best be removed on a regular basis by means of a stiff, dry brush. Small persistent marks should be removed by scrubbing by hand with warm water and mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. This process can be repeated until the material is clean (ensure that the fabric is rinsed thoroughly). Allow the fabric to dry completely before retracting the awning. The finish on the material can be reconditioned by spraying on an approved conditioning solution such as 303 Hightech Fabric Guard.

General Care and Operating Tips

An awning is intended as sun shading and not for use in all weather conditions. If winds stronger than 18 m.p.h. are expected, or if water collects on the cover, or in damp and frosty weather or in the case of snowfall the awning must be retracted.

An automatic sun, wind and rain sensor or timer extends the comfort factor provided by the awning. It does not, however relieve the user of the duty to exercise due diligence! If there has been a power outage a purely motor-driven awning cannot be retracted. If it is damp and frosty the cover may become stiff and prevent the awning from retracting. In times of absence during holidays or vacation or at night, an automatic control system provides no guarantee that your awning will continue to function properly. We therefore recommend that before periods of bad weather the awning be retracted and that any automatic control system is switched off.

Retracting and extending the awning several times in quick succession may activate the thermal cut-out switch, which prevents the motor from overheating. After it has cooled down the motor will reactivate itself again.

Force should not be used to wind a crank-operated awning in or out.